Weight Loss Hypnosis Just Works 


Are you frustrated about losing weight? Have you tried several diets?CHUCK woman worried about losing weight

Are you tired of worrying about what to do – and ready for answers that work?

Maybe you have had it with hearing from others who seem to think you’re “not trying hard enough,” or need more “willpower?”

It can be painful and frustrating to not know how to lose weight – and keep it off. It can feel lonely and isolating, because others tend to want to offer their easy answers. They don’t understand what you’re going through, yourself. And they don’t seem to want to hear your own feelings or thoughts about it.

When caught in the frustrating trap of not knowing what’s going to work to lose weight, you can even begin to feel torn about eating in general. This creates a strange relationship with yourself, possibly creating negative feelings about eating even healthy and nourishing food. The idea of food can cause internal negotiations or even fights within yourself. You can even forget that this fight is going on, when it goes on for long enough. You might just accept that this is “how life is,” yet the stress is still there, over and over. Food becomes a cause of stress, because you do need to eat, but it can seem like the food you need is also a problem.

Regardless of how stressed or frustrated you feel, you do have what it takes to take control of this, to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle.

Many people struggle with how to lose weight

Chuck woman stressed about losing weightChallenges with weight cross all backgrounds –  every group of people face this issue. In the United States, more than one in four people need to lose weight. And for those of us over the age of 40, it’s 43%. You have company. There are many others going through these struggles to lose weight.

Our parents and grandparents wanted us to eat. They came from a time when providing food for family was a major way to measure your worth as a parent, and as

a provider. They may have said things like, “You need to eat, put meat on your bones, people will think you’re sick, they’ll think we aren’t feeding you.” So they encouraged this idea that eating meant being prosperous and wealthy, and everyone wants to provide a life of plenty for their families.

Now, as adults, now we have plenty of food available all the time, and socially, it’s virtually expected that we eat every time we have the chance to do so. Imagine all the birthday parties, office parties, breaks at the office, visits with friends. They ask what we would like to eat, expect us to order something, or just hand us something to eat.

Also, if you’re stressed at work or home, plus have a busy career, or a family, we might feel tempted to indulge in a quick “pick me up” snack or unhealthy food just to feel a little better… which leads to more of the same problems and issues.

With the help of a trained and seasoned hypnotist, you can reveal these patterns to yourself and change them. You can replace these patterns with new, healthy habits relating to food, eating and exercise in ways that serve and fulfill you. Even more, with the support of a group class facing the same challenges, the process is much easier and stronger.  The class members sharing their own challenges and ideas inspire you to succeed, as well. 

Hypnosis has been proven far more effective for weight loss than exercise and diet alone

Chuck after hypnosis happy familyThere have been a large number of scientific studies conducted to test the effectiveness of hypnosis on weight loss. It has been found that hypnosis is an integral part of weight loss, consistently leading to more weight lost than a diet plan and exercise without hypnosis but always with a balance in which can be obtained with the help, tips and guidance found in the https://medicalhealthsolutionsllc.com/. For example: one prominent studyi by a leading psychology journal found that weight loss hypnosis was 30 times as effective as dieting and exercise without hypnosis, with the hypnosis group losing 17 pounds on average, while the group not using hypnosis lost only a half pound, on average.

And when compared to different mental strategies or mental health techniques, 90% of those using weight loss hypnosis lose moreii than those who try using other methods, such as CBT, goal setting, visualization, relaxation techniques and similar processes. And they kept the weight off! When using hypnosis, they were able to maintain their healthy new weight, even years later.

Research also shows that adding hypnosis to other weight loss approaches, such as following a diet plan and exercise, more than doubles their effectivenessiii, as well.

For long-term success at losing weight even after the program is over, hypnosis is also far more successful than only dieting and exercise. Those who use hypnosis continue to lose additional weight after their program is completediv, even years later, while those who do not use hypnosis do not continue to lose.

I use trance tools, including hypnosis, to help clients create the changes they want. For weight loss, I lead a class in self-hypnosis, using techniques that have been proven effective, used in the renowned Cleveland Clinic. If it’s been shown to be effective, I use it in our sessions.

How this class works

Chuck group celebration after hypnosis weight loss classOne of the aspects of teaching self-hypnosis for weight-management that I like the most is the fact that this class is teaching how to lose weight using self-hypnosis, rather than a usual group hypnosis class. In daily life, you may be distracted or stressed or knocked out of your comfort zone and into the mindset that leads you to the habits that are getting you into the cycle of eating when you don’t need to or even mean to eat. In this class, you’ll learn how to put yourself in trance, bring yourself out of trance, there fore interrupting all those past cycles of thoughts and behavior. You’ll direct your own results, and learn to be an expert in managing your own mind.

And this is not only a self-hypnosis class. It is also a stress-reduction class. As soon as the first class is over, you have techniques right away to reduce your stress levels, since that’s what triggers some people to eat more food when they’re not even hungry. When you learn how to reduce stress, you begin to address the issues, and you’re well on your way to making the changes you want.

We meet weekly for six weeks, sharing our victories and what we’ve learned in class, as well as learning new strategies for dealing with situations that our old habits handled. Just stopping the old habits doesn’t work – we need to replace the old activities with something positive, to address the issue.

With me being a former teacher (band director), I really enjoy classroom settings, and find that for most people, they like the social aspect of classes for support, finding others who embrace their changes, and friendships that actively support their changes.

With that said, some prefer to do this work individually, and we can use the class materials and processes meeting individually, as well.

Typically, classes have a maximum of 10-15 people. To help you get the most out of each class, you will receive a binder with class materials and workbook, the book on which the class is based, and a thumb drive of the audio files for you to use, helping strengthen your self-hypnosis practice in daily life.

Between classes, when day-to-day situations trigger old patterns, it might be hard to re-create the mindset from class, making it too easy to slide back into old patterns. That’s why we have the short audio recordings – just put them on your phone – for you to get you right back in the “zone” to handle whatever happens in your day in a healthy way.

You may be considering self-hypnosis for weight loss, but have some questions

Woman happy after hypnosis for weight lossI want to know how to lose weight fast, not in six classes. Does it really take so long?

Hypnosis for weight loss starts working right away. The reason we meet repeatedly over time is to address the ingrained habits that reveal themselves as you go about installing the changes. The long-established habits and patterns of thought – the ones you will change – came about over a lifetime. It took a long time to establish them, so you can expect that as you make changes to these habits and patterns, the reasons you started them in the first place will come up again, in different ways. So we meet over a period of time, and the discussion in class helps ground you and deepen the understanding.

There are also some methods that claim to be a “quick fix.” Fad diets, using “willpower,” supplements, and more may be options that can help in the short term. I encourage healthy diet and exercise plans, and supplements with a healthy diet plan. But the results may not last, because without hypnosis, they don’t address the cause of the situation.

Using hypnosis addresses the unconscious drives and habits that defeat short-term solutions. These unconscious ways of thinking and feeling are what keeps other solutions from “sticking” and working in the long-term. When you are tired of other ways not working very long, it’s time to try hypnosis.

This is more than I really want to spend.

There are ways to spend less to move toward a healthy lifestyle and diet. Options like a trendy diet or some natural supplement that boosts metabolism may work for a little while, and then the strategy begin to fail, leading to yo-yo dieting. When spending less money doesn’t work, it has its own cost, in time and stress. It could also lead to additional health issues, which carry their own additional cost, in both money and stress. Eventually, the costs of strategies that don’t include hypnosis cost more in both time and money.

I’m concerned you might make me cluck like a chicken.

I don’t do any of that. Yes, those stage hypnosis shows work and are real, but no, we won’t ever do anything like that!

Most of your hypnosis class will be self-hypnosis anyway, so you’ll be directing your own results. You will be in charge of it, and get as much as you want to get from it.

I’m concerned about saying something I shouldn’t.

In hypnosis, you are always in control, and you remember what happens every time you go into trance. It’s not really too different from everyday consciousness, but more relaxed and more focused. Since you’re always in control, you will look after what’s important to you, just like you do in ordinary consciousness.

While in trance, you are able to drop the constant, critical mindset of solving many problems as the day goes on. This mindset is useful when we want to get things done, avoid problems, and navigate tricky situations of all kinds. When you drop this problem-solving mindset, you are yourself, but even more yourself, and more intent on your own values, goals and interests. Hypnosis silences this “critical mind” so that you focus on what is important to you. You’ll be intent on your own priorities – like losing weight, and living a healthy life.

You can take control of this healthy journey

If you would like to hear more about Trim-Life classes or individual sessions using self-hypnosis for weight management, I’m available to talk with you, listen and answer whatever comes up. I’m available at (404) 890-0892‬.



iiiUniversity of Connecticut, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology in 1996 (Vol. 64, No. 3, pgs 517-519)