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Attending the Trim Life classes has helped me understand my issues and relationship with food. The information I’ve learned in the program has given me tools to use in dealing with my battle with weight loss. Sharing the problems and triumphs with others inspires me to continue on!





  • 6 x 2-hour weekly Trim-Life group sessions
  • Trim-Life Home-Study Hypnosis Sessions via MP3’s
  • Trim-Life Workbook

Trim-Life Plus


  • 6 x 2-hour weekly Trim-Life group sessions
  • Trim-Life Home-Study Hypnosis Sessions via MP3’s
  • Trim-Life Workbook
  • 1 50-minute individual session


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]​Trim-Life is a six-week integrative medical weight management program in a shared appointment setting. This unique program will empower you to manage both your hunger and your weight by addressing body, mind and spirit – since addressing each of these is vitally important to who we are. In Trim-Life, you will begin to adopt a new relationship with food. If you are someone who feels trapped in a cycle of binge eating due to food restriction and fears of deprivation, you aren’t alone – and this program will help you.​

What is Trim-Life?​

Trim-Life is an integrated, holistic program to manage weight. It uses a shared appointment setting to develop community, hypnosis for deeply effective change, and tools for home use and utilization to fit into active lives.

What can I expect from the Trim-Life program?

The program utilizes hypnotic processes that can fit into your day, mindfulness techniques for increasing awareness, and sharing of ideas and results. The sessions are two hours, once a week at the same time and day. Our goals are to help participants reduce habitual and stress-state eating, stop food addiction and yo-yo dieting, and enjoy healthy relationships with food and eating.

How do mindfulness and relaxation help with weight management?

Mindfulness is a practice to become present in the given moment, rather than some possible future event or past difficulty. As we become more present in the here and now through this program, we will reduce the old pattern of eating in reaction to worries and stress. By introducing relaxation techniques, we learn how to reduce tension in thinking and our bodies, making the mindfulness easier, simpler and light. This program will also identify what you are truly hungry for, and work on attracting that into your life.

How does hypnosis help to manage weight?

In Trim-Life, hypnosis is used to break relationships with particular foods and stress, as well as shrink our stomachs to a healthy size. The shrinking leads to being more quickly satisfied, and naturally less intake of calories. Hypnosis will also be used to eliminate any desire for foods that poison your body, leaving room for easily creating new habits of eating healthily in an easy way. No struggle to stop; just quicker satisfaction.

How will I be able top maintain progress?

​Trim-Life participant receive recordings (on thumb drive or CD) for convenient personal application, as well as the workbook to reinforce the change you want toward healthy choices.

When and where does the Trim-Life Group meet?

Trim-Life online group sessions are weekly, at the same days and times, for two hours. To participate, you only need an internet connection and a computer with you, whether traveling or from your own comfortable home.

Is Trim-Life covered by insurance?

I do not take insurance payments. It may be possible to pay for Trim-Life with your Health Savings Account (HSA). Your HSA will have the instructions.

What is your refund policy?

We will refund full tuition fees up until the day before the first class. Once it is the day of the first class, no refund will be offered.[/text_block]