How We Work Together

Chuck Musholt, ACH, is a professional coach and hypnosis practitioner specializing in individual sessions and custom group classes, using Heart-Centered Transpersonal Coaching and Hypnosis. He works is Decatur, Georgia, conducting sessions in person and on the internet, through Skype. Specializing in the Heart-Centered approach since 2011, he is known for coaching entrepreneurs, young people, entrepreneurs, and those in private practice to further work-life balance, success, and grow their relationships in strong, dynamic directions.



Many people are familiar with Life Coaching, which is a partnership between two people to create change, find new ideas, directions, goals and solutions in personal and professional life. Transpersonal Life Coaching is coaching across and beyond the whole person - which means that Transpersonal Coaching assumes that we have a deep and rich creative, subconscious, spiritual life that supports the professional and personal life, and we will develop those sides of the coachee, as well. Read more about TLC here.

Heart-Centered Hypnosis

Heart-Centered Hypnosis allows you to get in touch with your core issues more rapidly than conventional talk-based approaches. It helps to cleanse the body of tension, discomfort, sadness, old anger, grief or any negative ideas or feelings you may be holding onto. It leaves you light and relaxed. It helps you to open your heart, and approach your challenges from a place of self-acceptance and peace. Read more about HCH here.


Holographic Memory Resolution

HMR is an easy and effective method of discharging tensions in the body and emotions. Sometimes, we know that a particular memory from a difficult time is something we ought to resolve, somehow. This is a quick way to deal with the charge on the time, and create calm around the issue.