You may have heard about this class I’ve planned. When the pandemic began, I started looking at why my daughter is doing so well at school and music, and what I learned was, to me, amazing. She’s an amazing kid, and I’m proud of her.


Her teachers, though, knock it out of the park, because of the methods they use and the principles they hold. I realized I could be a better parent by copying what I could from her teachers. But first…


I needed to really understand where they were coming from.


Then I could go about changing my parenting, but by bit, to be a better dad. (AND have a lot more fun with my kid!)


That’s what this class is about. Learning what her teachers do differently than many others. Then, making changes to how you and I do things (whatever we each choose to prioritize) so that we’re not only setting goals, but planning and implementing these changes for the better.


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