This class will be delivered live, in person, over the course of a few weeks. Covering branding, ideal clients, and messaging strategy!

Starts Friday 10-25-19 morning (probably 9:00 or 10:00), meeting weekly. Hope you can make it!

Most therapists want to be of service to others, not to market themselves. Practices are businesses, though, so let’s approach your practices as businesses and do some marketing!

I started offering this because my therapist friends wanted help with “sales.” Therapists usually don’t enjoy selling… Marketing, though, is psychology and communication, so it’s naturally an area where therapists can shine, when using the right approach.

Chuck’s teaching approach is fun and his use of humor put me at ease immediately. Most importantly he has made me think about the underlying issues that have stood in the way of my success. He believed in me and that validation has pushed me further than I have gone before.

– cathe, one happy participant!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Your ideal practice: who do you see your practice serving, at its best, and your best? Refine this down to the detail, defining the messaging and making it simple.

Your ideal client: who are they, what do they like to do? What do they see as their goals, dreams? We’ll delve into what you’ve already done, and some ways you (probably) haven’t looked at this before!

Your “product:” rather than calling what you do “therapy,” we’ll create ways to describe what you do in ways that your ideal client sees themselves benefitting from your product. This could be package of sessions, coaching, ebook, audio meditations, groups… Bring your ideas, the class will help flesh them out!

(In this class, speaking to your ideal client, and them ONLY, is the way we’ll look at this! Appealing to “everyone” so that we don’t exclude every generic potential client drains energy and leads to a slow practice. We want you to have your ideal practice busy with ideal clients ONLY!)

Stories: my own background includes training in communications and public speaking… so you know we’ll talk about how to present your practice and yourself, even if you don’t plan to do speaking. There is structure to a well-told story that makes it irresistible, and when combined with messaging the story to your ideal client, you’ll be doing well. The ability to put a good story together will help any communications, so if you plan to grow with a blog or writing, this will be essential!

Digital media: this will focus on social media and your website/blog, aimed at getting free traffic to your website. We’ll cover what to put on your site, and what you might as well leave out. We’ll also talk about strategy for using Facebook ads, Google ads or any kinds of ads.

(Hint: it has to do with using your ideal practice vision to speak to your ideal clients, using the structure of a good story!)

I wasn’t sure how you would be able to help me. And it turned out you knew exactly how to guide me in what I needed to achieve. 

Because you know how to make things seem easy. Things have a structure and you know what that is. You were very helpful. 

I would tell (someone considering the class) to go for it. You are very good at it. Very helpful and right to the point.

– lucia, another happy participant!

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