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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_font=”Raleway”]Transpersonal Life Coaching is a collaborative relationship to find new ideas, solutions, goals and – perhaps most important – questions, leading to greater and greater success. Transpersonal Coaching is collaborating to bring a client ever closer to their own creativity, intuition, clarity and confidence, using tools such as include trance work, deep questioning, creating new models of success, and spirituality. ​

The word “transpersonal” is defined as across and beyond the person. Transpersonal Life Coaching is coaching for every aspect of a person, and looking beyond perceived limits, to grow beyond where anyone thought they would reach before their coaching began. I look at Transpersonal Life Coaching as coaching the personal, business, and spiritual areas of life. Life Coaching, generally, is a collaborative relationship between coachee and coach, to get the coachee further than the coachee can reach by themselves. Some of the most used methods in coaching are deep questioning and goal-setting, to target areas of growth and change.

I believe that in Transpersonal Life Coaching, we achieve further clarity and reach very deep insights more quickly than using ordinary Life Coaching.

All of our decisions, thoughts, and experiences influence much more than just our own lives. In Transpersonal Coaching, we focus on the networks of connections that we are a part of: our inner selves have direct relationships with our social network, as well as connection with Spirit, or something greater than ourselves, however we label this connection, personally. In Transpersonal Coaching, we see a person’s experiences in altered states-of-consciousness as equally important in knowing ourselves as our normal, everyday self. These experiences can include dreams, waking visions, insights from meditation or similar practices, hypnosis, active imagination, and other types of spiritual or mystical experiences that take us beyond the waking self. Though life coaching doesn’t necessarily need to use these methods, they are so rich in ideas, I like to think of them as messages directly from the deepest part of who we are directly to our waking self.

What is Transpersonal Life Coaching helpful for?

  • Enhanced health, fitness, and wellness
  • ​Success in business and finances
  • Self-mastery and the development of emotional intelligence ​Work/life balance
  • Enhanced performance and productivity
  • Self-discovery, such as values clarification
  • Clarifying vision and life purpose
  • Navigating major life transitions, such as separation, career changes, stages of life shifts, relocation
  • Stepping into authentic power and leadership
  • Self-mastery that entails mindfulness and true presence of here and now
  • Nurturing of the spiritual dimension of our lives