Journey to Becoming Hypnotist and Coach

My journey into wellness, coaching and hypnosis was pretty indirect. But when I look back, I can see that so much of my life and experience led me to where I am today. 

Performing and Teaching

With an undergraduate degree in music and a graduate degree in music performance, my early exposure to mindfulness began with audition preparation and performance readiness. Private lessons on piano and trombone usually focused on techniques and the music. There was more to it that lessons didn’t cover. I may not have known it at the time, but mindset was the key to my success as a musician and performer. 

Those skills translated well to my early career as a Music Educator. I spent years teaching, directing bands and leading ensembles – and incorporated some of the same techniques that I use today. I learned and used the ability to induce “trance,” tell stories and coach small and large groups over time, and led me to great results with students and colleagues. It also led me to the next stop on my journey – a fast-paced sales and training career. The mindset principles and strengths applied again, and served me well. 

Then, a Surprising Interest – and Fascination!

Years later, my wife and I splurged and rang in a new year at a high-end wellness retreat. It was there that I had my first exposure to hypnosis and other holistic therapies,  I think I knew immediately that it was to be my life’s work. It seems like the perfect way to combine my leadership, storytelling, mindfulness and listening skills with my interests in health, wellness and non-traditional medicine. From there, I studied hypnosis and coaching. Going deeper, I have trained in holographic memory resolution and other holistic and heart-centered therapies with some of the best practitioners in the country. I’ve spent countless hours in training, internships, and mentorships. I am a certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotist and Transpersonal Life Coach.

How I See Clients

I use both online live meetings and in person sessions. We can work in classes or individual coaching or hypnosis sessions to address weight-loss, high performance under pressure and parenting in our busy age.  A particular interest is in kids and screen time, where I help clients deal with the stress that devices place on their families and relationships.

Outside the Office…

I love Steelers football, Indiana basketball, trombone playing, hobbies of beekeeping and cooking, my wife of ten years and our young daughter. We live in Decatur – along with two golden retrievers, a super cool cat, a blue fish and five snails.