“I guess I don’t really understand what it is that you do.” She was talking about my hypnosis practice and how it works.


A friend said this to me recently, when we were catching up after not seeing each other for some time. Someone close to her had been coming to me for sessions, and was really enjoying the results. But she was obviously lost when it came to understanding why it was helping her friend, or how it worked.


And it must be the case for most people. Not very many folks are truly familiar with hypnosis or hypnotherapy. From most of us, movies, television, and stage hypnosis is the start and finish of what we think of, when it comes to anything related to hypnosis or trance.


So, let me offer a few ideas about what it is I do.


I work with trance states with clients, for resolution of trauma, for peak performance, for more creativity, to improve relationships, for weight management, and whatever a client might be interested in creating in their life.


But… What does that mean?

showing hypnosis works with conscious mind problems

The conscious mind is like these clouds, covering up our subconscious and its issue… Hypnosis reveals the way past the clouds, to the solution below.

There is a whole idea of hypnosis given to us by the entertainment world too, something like: “Hypnosis can make someone do whatever you say!” So you might have picked up the idea that hypnosis could be used to create a skill, direct others to make certain decisions, and create or delete emotions in anyone.


If this were completely true, then there might be no schools. We could just use hypnosis to make people good at math, English, chemistry, or anything. There will be no need for people to practice skill sets such as shooting a basketball, public presentations, or parenting. We would simply use hypnosis to make each other skilled, productive, or kind (rather than a immoral or harmful).


Hypnosis is not magic. It can be used to create amazing changes in your life that may seem to be magical, but the hypnosis itself is a tool. It’s important to remember that the power is entirely from the client’s will to do the work to make the changes.


(By the way, each of us is always completely in control in our trances, so my clients are always in control of the session. They decide how deep to go, how much work to do, how to resolve what they want to resolve, and so forth. A hypnotist is a guide through a process, and a client only does what they want to do in any process!)


Experiencing hypnosis is normal. It is healthy… In fact, to not enter a trance or hypnosis for an extended period of time will be very difficult and very stressful. (More on that in a later post.)


The main reason hypnosis works so well is that it gets the conscious mind to relax. The conscious mind’s main job is to protect the subconscious mind, where our emotions are. It does that by stopping ideas and stopping thoughts that remind the subconscious of something painful, from the past.


The conscious mind does what the subconscious wants, which is to protect the subconscious from discomfort. When we have had a few bad experiences, the subconscious will direct the conscious mind to, basically, keep “bad” ideas and people away from us. Keep us out of situations situations similar to past difficult events.


For example, if I was in a fire as a child, I might really wants to avoid any other fires, especially if I was burned in that fire. The subconscious would direct the conscious mind to avoid any fires that at all are similar to the one when I was a child. The same thing would happen for experiences such as embarrassment, fear of being left alone, certain people as unsafe, etc. And these experiences to be avoided don’t need to be as dramatic as these examples… They can be simple, everyday events, but experienced as traumatic or difficult by the subconscious.


Another example: it could be that my mother-in-law reminds me of a verbally abusive teacher from 1st grade. And my subconscious can’t stand my mother-in-law for that reason, just because they look or act a little bit alike.


So, if I’m having an issue with my mother-in-law or fires, I might be tempted to think it over. And over. And over. This is a cycle that would never resolve. This is because the conscious mind is also the part of us that uses reason and logic, figuring out problems and reaching conclusions. We usually use our “thinking” to figure things out. When it comes to something that’s uncomfortable for us, though, using the conscious mind won’t work, because the conscious mind will use all sorts of ideas and thinking to actually avoid approaching anything that would resolve the issue… because its main job is to avoid the issue entirely!


When the conscious mind is relaxed, it’s possible to direct the subconscious to go, if it is willing, to the  difficult thoughts, feelings, or memories and then resolve them. The effective methods may vary from client to client, but the end experience is pretty much the same. We give the subconscious what it needed to have in those difficult times, so we are giving the subconscious the corrective experience it needed in order to move along, release the held bad feelings, and free it up.


When we do hypnosis this way, we (my clients and I) give their subconscious the freedom to live a full life. Life not weighed down by the conscious mind being so busy and frantic. Life that is present in the moment, honest and deliberate, and created happily.


What we’re really doing is giving clients freedom to live a full life.


Contact me to talk about how this could work for you. I’m looking forward to talking to you!