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Meet Chuck

Chuck Musholt, ACH, is a Transpersonal Life Coach and Heart-Centered Hypnotist, specializing in individual and group sessions and classes to help clients connect with their own creativity, abundance and wisdom. Sessions can be conducted in person or online.

Since 2011, Chuck has been using coaching and hypnosis with clients from early teens to advanced age to make deliberate, major and minor changes in their lives. Before going into the coaching and hypnosis fields, he was a teacher, salesman, career consultant, and entrepreneur, having started several businesses.

The studies, training and experience Chuck has had have led him to study the fields of prosperity, small business, private practice, trauma, anxiety, career change, young people, and relationship issues. Chuck has studied many techniques of personal development, from public speaking to hypnosis. Coaching and hypnosis offer highly effective paths to create deliberate changes for his clients.

He believes that mindfulness, music, and being playful are important keys to a happy life.[/text_block]