Welcome to my site! I’m glad you’re here

You’re probably here because of my work with clients on present parenting and screen time, healthy weight release, or coaching for performing and presenting.

These areas share more common ground than they seem to, at first glance. They each require a vision to work towards, a deliberate mindset for future success, and, because they’re so personal, benefit from coaching and a structured approach. The programs I have developed and use focus on your strengths, working toward something better collaboratively, and creating your life on purpose – focusing in positive directions. You’re not broken, so we’re not going to “fix” anything, we’re going to build on your strengths and create the change you want.

Whether or not you decide to participate in these programs, I’m glad to help you in any way I can, and look forward to connecting with you.

kid on smartphoneScreen Time

These days, screens are everywhere we go, and everywhere out kids are, too. This is causing many problems for families, leading to mood swings, miscommunications, poor academics, family conflict, and more. The current COVID-19 situations are leading to even more screen time, for both parents and their kids. So how can this be changed, if everything we do is actually using more screens now?

I have some answers. We focus on your family members’ personal strengths, family strengths as a group, family relationships, parents and kids activities together, and back it up with research-proven science. Your family will be more relaxed and a closer-knit than ever.

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weight management - slimming down togetherTrimLife

Have you tried every diet around? Are you finding it frustrating when you do your best, but nothing is helping? Slimming down and getting healthier is a bit of a challenge once the weight is on you! Your mindset may be the key to your success. With this program, you’ll use self-hypnosis, coaching and group support to address the way you see things, your attitudes and responses to “life” and stress. Includes MP3 recordings to use long after the class is over. But you won’t need them – the results will last.

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woman presenting salesPerformance and Presenting Coaching

As a musician, sales professional and presenter myself, I’ve had to learn the hard way much of the content and processes I cover in this coaching program. Knowing your own instrument, your subject matter, products, program, your audience or clients, and your “craft” may not be enough to succeed. To perform at your best when the pressure is on is what separates the one who comes out on top from the one who is second best. In these situations, second best is (usually) failure.

Performing when it counts the most is a skill set of its own – and it may be more important than any of the others to your success. This coaching program covers messaging, storytelling, narrative structure, visualization, hypnosis (if helpful) and many other techniques. These practices have been used by winners in professional auditions, high-level sales presentations, and professional athletes, proven to create wins.

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