“Hello! Could you help me with examples of affirmations you use to start your day? I’m finding it quite difficult to phrase things at the moment… I also want to use visualization.”

Someone asked me this, and here are some of the ideas we talked about.

Affirmations are useful before they are effective, in my opinion. What I mean is that, when we first use them, they may not line up well with what we are feeling at the moment, and we need to NOTICE how we FEEL when saying them.

We may have chosen an affirmation that’s way far away from where we currently are. This will lead to feeling very uncomfortable, or laughable, or deep frustration. This is useful. It’s a sign that something isn’t enough of a match, or too far a stretch. It’s helpful to know that you’re too far away from that particular affirmation to use it successfully. But you can use the information.

If I say, “I’m a billionaire,” and I just scoff and laugh uncomfortably, then it’s not successful. But it is helpful to know that it’s not going to work to use that one.

What’s one that’s between billionaire and where I am now? That’s a lot of ground, if I’m not already well on my way. So, maybe dial it back… a lot. Maybe “I have more monthly income that all my bills,” or “I notice many ways to receive money and I act on them,” or whatever is a bit of a stretch… but not laughable or frustration-inducing.

Noticing the feeling is key. And NOT dismissing it. Embrace it. Learn from yourself what you can see as a stretch – not easy or relaxed, but a little bit of a stretch.

For any particular issue, the process is the same, though. If someone is single and wants to be married, starting with “I’m married to the man/woman of my dreams” might be a big jump, especially if you’ve been frustrated by your experiences in this department for a long time!

Maybe “I embrace chance meetings to expand my social circle, and I notice the qualities that are most important to me in everyone.” Or some combination or just a part of these.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or thoughts!