Those of us in Atlanta have many options to lose weight, and I started to wonder about what they all might be. This isn’t meant to be definitive, but I hope it covers most of the types of ways we could go about losing weight and being more fit in the Peach City. I’ve summarized the information on their webpages, and included links if when you want to learn more about each of them.

Medical professionals are looking to find ways to help. Carrying around extra weight on our bodies is so very stressful to the heart, joints, and possibly every system that makes up our physical bodies. There are also alternatives to the western medical way of making changes for the better. I’ll go over a few of them, as well, after the medical professionals. If I’ve left something off, please send me a message so I can update this list!

Conventional Western Medical Approach

Atlanta Medical Clinic offers a program that seems to focus on diet and nutrition, under the guidance of doctors and nutritionists. The program also mentions an oral spray, supplements, and an exercise program that’s optional.

It looks like the program begins at $210 per month and more, possibly after insurance pays what it pays. This could be a good option for someone using health insurance, and who particularly wants a physician’s guidance supervision.

Atlanta Endocrine Associates has a portal to schedule an appointment, and offering a few ideas about what they do to work with the body’s endocrine system. The site mentions endocrine imbalances and medications that may help. If you’re in the ATL and looking for endocrine work on the way to slimming down, this may be viable.

Atlanta Medical Institute is a chiropractic clinic  with an MD on staff, covering a range of health-related issues. For weight loss, one of their treatments is to inject hGC, a hormone normally produced only during pregnancy that some people believe stimulates the burning of fat cells. The studies on this have been done under very low-fat, low-calorie dieting at the same time, which may be responsible for the weight loss. *

Emory Healthcare HealthConnection comes to us with two different programs:

  1. The Your Weigh Program lasts 16 weeks, and is part of the Bariatric program at Emory. It is a meal-supervision approach, and has three options: full meal replacement, partial-meal replacement or no meal replacement. We have the option to meet with the bariatric specialist and dietician during this program.
  2. The Path 2 Health Program, a 6-month long program, offers doctors, nurses and dieticians to guide along your progress. It offers monthly and/or in-person supervision with physicians, nurses, and dieticians. Also, the program has phone consultations with dieticians and possible monthly “virtual education sessions” from physicians about overall health.

Weight Loss MD has programs beyond weight loss, including hormone replacement therapy, mens weight loss programs, ketogenic diets and more. They do a detailed health analysis and offer meal plans as well as food supplements in the form of shakes, bars, soups, etc. and an in-house pharmacy.

Ascension Wellness has two locations in the Atlanta area, one north of the 75-85 merger and another just north of the 400-285 crossing. They also offer hGC. * Other treatments mentioned include low-calorie diets, “lipolite injections” (type for lipovite injections?), one on one appointments, and prescriptions.

Total Body has locations in College Park and Duluth. They also offer hGC * as well as liposuction, lipovite injections, B12 injections, a meal replacement program and several cosmetic skin treatments.

Qwick Weight Loss Centers has eleven locations, some of them well outside the Atlanta metro area, so there may be one near to you. They offer weight loss programs that incorporate real food, not just mixes to replace fresh food — though they DO offer plenty of meal replacement / food replacement products that are likely part of the program.

There are group meetings that you can attend, though it’s not required for the program. Most people do much better at making changes with the support and friendship of groups sharing common goals.

Alternative Approaches to Weight Loss


Acupuncture is useful for treating a huge variety of conditions, yet is not widely used or promoted in the US. One of the conditions it seems to be helpful for is addictive tendencies, or urges. If you feel you could use an extra boost in handling the urge to overeat, It might be worth checking out.

Atlanta Holistic Health Center does emphasize treating for weight loss, and emphasizes that acupuncture is not a quick fix, but part of a long-term strategy in partnership with your acupuncturist. Acupuncture helps by releasing endorphins to help with cravings, reducing stress and helping the digestive system to become more efficient and harmonious.

Buckhead Acupuncture and Herbal Center doesn’t mention weight loss specifically, but their testimonials do mention their successes. They offer treatments for a range of conditions that could relate to losing weight. They also have massage therapists and counselors on staff, to offer an integrated approach.


Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga offers the 5,000 year old holistic system from India. “Using diet, herbs, yoga, meditation, aromas and other methods of healing, Ayurveda is able to restore balance and health by bringing the client back into harmony with Nature.” They emphasize the nature of our spiritual and emotional selves, not just physical symptoms and the body.

Revive Atlanta MD offers Ayurveda as one of their services, and is run by an MD, so could be a one-stop shop for your weight loss and medical services. They also offer nutritional counseling, functional testing, medical weight loss, hGC, * IV therapy, hormone replacement therapy, and several cosmetic therapies, as well.


Hypnosis has been used for many conditions, and there are hypnotists in Atlanta who offer help with weight loss.

Heartbreak Hypnotist, also known as Sean Wheeler, offers hypnosis for losing weight in the Atlanta area, as part of his other areas of treatment, which include relationships, spotting smoking, fears and other issues. He mentions that there’s no counting calories, meetings, special foods to eat, diets, or bans on your favorite foods. The link above gives an idea of the price of investment in his sessions, as well.

Monica Miller Hypnosis offers hypnosis for weight loss and a wide range of issues, though the details of how she uses hypnosis for weight loss are not detailed. Contact her for the particulars. Her appointments are roughly two hours and are $185, her website says.

Success with Hypnosis from Inga Chamberlain offers sessions for weight loss, as well as confidence, medical hypnosis, and anxiety. She mentions that her sessions are tailored to the individual because we have different needs and goals. Her site seems to indicate that her sessions are $165-175 per hour.

Atlanta West Hypnotherapy Clinic offers a private session with optional lectures and weekly group sessions, in optional (?) partnership with an exercise physiologist.

Hypnosis 2 Change, from Alisa Abdullaeva, offers group or private sessions to address weight loss. She says her practice does not require vigorous exercise or extreme dieting but does use a large number of subconscious techniques. Her site mentions that her intake appointment is quite personal and perhaps sensitive, so for some people, they may want to opt for the individual sessions. Her site is a little unclear about the price of investing in appointments, as it seems to indicate that appointments are anywhere from $235-499 per hour.

Bold Heart Coaching – that’s me – offers TrimLife, which can be taken as a six-week class or six private sessions. TrimLife is the same program used by the well-known Cleveland Clinic, using self-hypnosis, nutrition, exercise and more to address changing habits. The use of group dynamics (if a class) strengthens the information, lessons and commitment to making the changes in lifestyle.

All the materials are provided, including the book (TrimLife), workbook and MP3 recordings of many self-hypnosis recordings, allowing you to customize the class to your own needs.

Classes are ongoing, but new classes form periodically. If you need a class at an unusual time, there may be others with the same scheduling needs. Click here to learn more, or to ask about a particular time.

* The FDA has not approved HGC for weight loss, and its use as a weight loss treatment is considered ineffective and dangerous by most medical professionals, including such leading organizations as the Mayo Clinic.